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This cleantech accelerator focuses on a range of clean technologies including recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, advanced materials, green chemistry, and water solutions. As importantly, it also includes energy efficiency and production technology that results in lower GHG emissions.

In the last 12 months, we have championed a number of success stories. We have accelerated the commercialization process of a made–in–Canada technology which is culminating in a $USD 15–million commercialization contract, representing a first wave of anticipated transactions in the clean energy sector. We have also attracted grants and matching investments in companies that will total in excess of $16–million CDN. One of these investments is responsible for moving an important sustainable hydrocarbon production process from the lab in Kingston to a large scale pilot. The projected impacts to jobs in Canada resulting from these developments are significant and number in the hundreds over the next five years.

Our continued success has established Kingston and South Eastern Ontario as an international centre for clean–tech development and commercialization excellence. We have created a formal framework for cooperation among institutions and companies that encourages, rather than obstructs organic growth in commercial activity. The clean-tech companies that come to our region to exploit this cluster emerge as internationally connected leaders among our regional institutions and commercial networks.

Our approach to commercializing clean–tech solutions is rooted in aligning promising technology with strategic capital addressing investors’ key value–chain problems. This approach has evolved from EIC partners’ three decades of experience in commercializing both traditional and clean-tech technologies. Our approach overcomes a significant misalignment between liquidity–event–driven venture–capital/private–equity financing models and the scale, scope and duration of the vast majority of clean–tech business models. Our recent work has emphasized early technology de–risking, with a wide range of public and private partners, in an effort to get innovations ready for strategic–investment due diligence. Dedicated operating funds to centralize this de–risking in a more rapid and reproducible manner is a central goal of our partners.

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